Setting SMART Goals

Have you heard of "SMART goals" technique? It's a suitable acronym for setting goals that you are more likely to achieve. Powerful, motivating goals must be well designed to ensure the highest possibility for success. Using the SMART method, you'll set goals that meet the following criteria:

Time Bound

Set Specific Goals

Employ laser focus when writing your goals to make sure they are as clear as possible. Setting general and vague goals serve no real purpose. You can't a moving target, so make sure your goals have a well designed aim or direction.

Set Measurable Goals

Zero in on dates, quantities, dollar amounts, etc., so that it's easy to quantify your achievements. You must find ways to measure your success so that you can reach milestones, which keep you motivated.

Set Attainable Goals

Set goals that you know you can achieve with some effort. Goals that seem impossible can be broken down into stages. For example, if you want to lose 20 lbs in 1 month you know that's an unattainable goal, and it will only serve to frustrate and demotivate you. But, if you were to break that down into a goal of let's losing 20 lbs in 10 weeks, you know how to make that happen by applying consistent effort.

While setting realistic goals is important be mindful of setting goals that are too easy to achieve. Setting the bar too low will not give you the personal satisfaction that is inherent in goal achievement.

Tip:You're looking to strike a balance between realistic and challenging goals, and upping the ante for your personal development.

Set Relevant Goals

How well do these goals fit into your long term view of your life? Setting relevant goals is a key to staying motivated. Maintaining a laser focus on your goals helps you stay on track.

Set Time-Bound Goals

A popular real estate term, "time is of the essence", is very useful in terms of SMART goal setting. Your goals must have a deadline, or target date for completion. Use of a deadline creates a sense of urgency increases, and moves you toward achieving your goals quicker.

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