Building Self Confidence for Men

Do you ever suffer from a lack of confidence when it comes to your career, finances, women, or sex?

Self confidence for men can feel like a moving target in your everyday life. There are so many factors that can chip away at your self-esteem especially when it comes your career, relationships, family,and finances. The constant bombardment of manipulative ads for hair growth, muscle magazines, and sexual aids can often help to tear down your self-esteem.

It’s commonly understood that men are expected to be confident at all times, and our culture demands that men have it all together at all times. But, this isn’t realistic. The truth is that many people struggle with self-esteem. We all have an inner self-critic that creates negative thoughts and feelings, and ultimately diminishes your feelings of self-confidence. Shame is also a key factor in why men struggle with a poor self-image.

If you can learn to quite your negative self talk in a more positive way , you will begin to feel more self assured. There is no need to continue to suffer from shame and self doubt, because you can learn to feel like a more confident man.

Ignoring the problem by merely repeating a cycle of self criticism, doubt, and shame does not serve. In fact, it will continue erode your confidence and have long term damaging effects on your relationship with yourself and your loved ones. So, let’s talk about ways you can develop true confidence here, from the inside out – not arrogance, or cockiness.

Learning to be a confident man is an inside job, and there simply isn’t enough smartly written information on the subject. To hear a man’s perspective on how to build confidence watch the video below from Graham Stoney, the author of Confident Man. He does a great job of explaining how to get self confidence for men, likely because he is one!

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