A Selection of Products and Services Hand Picked as Your Personal Development Resources

Personal Power for Women

Personal Power for Women is a valuable 6 week course to help women raise their self esteem. You will learn how to:

• Release the blocks in your life that have been holding you back
• Clarify where you are right now, and why you may not yet be living your dream life
• Create a clear map for the life you do want, and how to get it
• Release negative energy surrounding the people in your life
• Re-ignite the passion in your relationship
• Get connected to you. You are special and amazing
• Understand the real differences between masculine and feminine and how they affect your life and relationships
• Learn the simple yet powerful tools to help you to master your money

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Confident Man

This is a well written comprehensive guide to help men build confidence. Author, Graham Stoney provides step-by-step instructions in his 250 page self confidence building manual for men.

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How to Raise Happy, Healthy, Self Confident Children

How to Raise Happy, Healthy, Self Confident Children is a great resource for building self confidence in children. In this 6-CD Program, you will learn...
• Four behaviors of effective parenting
• How to raise responsible children
• How to communicate with your children on a deeper level
• How to help your child achieve higher grades in school
• How to raise high achievers
• How to help your children stay drug-free
• To manage your time so family comes first
• How to raise super kids
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The Science of Self Confidence

All of the information you'll need to accomplish anything you set your mind to. In Brian Tracey’s exclusive training kit, you'll learn a number of practical action steps you can take to build immediate feelings of self-confidence.

Here is just some of what you will learn:

The foundation of self-confidence and how it can transform your life…feel the power as your self-esteem grows
• How to find your true self…you must be yourself to feel truly confident
The inner game of self-confidence and how it can work for you…discover what successful people already know
• How to win with others in any situation or negotiation…experience the power of creating win-win situations in all you do
How to get the things you want, when you want them…when you believe in yourself, others will believe in you too
• You will discover the secret of the 4 C’s…without these, enter an endless loop of failure
How to live your perfect life…learn who you really are and what you really want, you might be surprised
• How the Law of Reciprocity affects your success…develop a winning strategy using this immutable law of life
Discover the real difference between winners and losers…it’s not what you think
• Why you should become a good listener…this one skill alone can catapult you to success
How to use the Rule of 4…this totally changes the results you‘ll get
• What WIIFM has to do with the realization of your goals and dreams…how to use this powerful principle to get what you want
How to tune your success radar for maximum reception…harness the power of wealth attraction to use whenever you want
• Discover the secret of the 4 D’s…miss these at your own peril

When you buy The Science of Self-Confidence training kit (with Digital Bonuses), you'll receive 3 special surprise bonuses worth $127.70+ absolutely FREE.

You'll Receive:

• The Science of Positive Focus DVD
• Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life Audio CD
• Science of Self-Confidence PDF Workbook
• Unshakeable, Rock-Solid Self-Confidence!

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Unlimited Confidence Through Hypnosis

Steve G. Jones, M.Ed. is a well respected Clinical Hypnotherapist who has made numerous television appearances speaking on the power of hypnosis to change your habits and improve your life. The techniques used in Unlimited Confidence will help you have the confidence you need to make real changes in your life. If you have skills and abilities, but are afraid to put yourself out there because you lack the confidence, then Unlimited Confidence will help you:

• Go after that dream job
• Pursue a new relationship
• Move to a new city
• End an unhealthy relationship
• Take charge of your life
• And so much more!

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