6 Traits of Self Confident People

Self confidence is not limited to how we present ourselves in front of people. It encompasses how we view ourselves and perceive our world, the way we treat others, and even how we deal with crises situations. Self confidence simply means being positive in all aspects of life, even when your circumstances seem outwardly negative.

People with self confidence have certain characteristics in common. A lot of people come to ask the controversial question, “How do they do it?” Well, here are the common attributes that we find in highly confident people.

1. Ambitious. Self confident people are highly ambitious. They know exactly what they want, and strive their best to achieve it. They do not settle for less, in fact, they maximize their dreams to the highest potential. These types of people look at the positive aspects so much so that even when they do not yet have the means to achieve it, they know they will soon get what they want.

2. Self-love. People with self confidence basically love themselves. They love who they are and are satisfied with who they are not. They have a strong sense of belonging and personal security. People who do not truly love themselves lack the ability to trust. Without trust, they see themselves as incapable and in the long run, they lose their self confidence. Happiness starts from within. When we love ourselves, we do not seek the approval of others, thus we are not affected by negative criticisms that can possibly shake our confidence.

3. Competitive. Highly self confident people love competition. They love to test their capabilities to that of others, because they believe that they will win. And even if they lose, they still feel satisfied knowing that they have been with one of their best opponents. They never draw back from competitions; it has been a way of life for them.

4. Risk-takers. Confident people are not afraid to take risks. They are very good at weighing the risks and benefits of a situation in order to achieve the best outcome, and they do not just settle into a “playing safe mode”.

5. Self-awareness. People with self confidence know their own strengths and limitations. They identify their strengths and nurture them, and at the same time acknowledge their limitations and work on improving in these key areas. They see their limitations as equally important factors to their personality.

6. Change-agent. Self confident people are not satisfied with the status quo. They want change to happen in their workplace, in their families and in their own lives. They do research on how to go about change that will be beneficial if not for all, to many.

We often see that highly self confident people are the leaders of our society. In our fast and ever changing world, we need more leaders that are made and not born. One way of honing the leadership skills in every person is through building self confidence – believing in your own potential that you are able to reach greater heights in this journey called life.

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