How to Get Self Confidence

What is Self Confidence?

Before we talk about how you can become more self confident let's define it, so you can start with a clear understanding of what it really is.

Self confidence is commonly defined as the belief in one's own abilities, judgement, etc. Confidence really speaks to how much you trust yourself, and it's become synonymous with self-esteem, self-assurance,and self-belief. To fully understand why self confidence is such an important aspect in life let's consider the two aspects of self-confidence: self-esteem and self-efficacy.

Self-esteem is the belief in one's own competency, essentially it's your self-acceptance.

Self-efficacy is one's belief in specific skills and abilities. In other words it's learned confidence developing through the mastery of certain goals and accomplishments.

Goal setting and achieving accomplishments becomes a major factor in building one's sense of competency, and thereby increasing your confidence.

So, are you ready to start building rock solid self confidence?

Here are some simple techniques to try:

Learn to think like confident people. This is bigger than repeating affirmations. The goal here is to build and document a database of success. Taking stock of your actual accomplishments is more powerful than simply speaking affirmations. Relying on your database of previous accomplishments reminds you of what you have already done, and encourages you to achieve more.

Accept responsibility, but not blame. You are responsible for the choices that you make as well as your successes and failures. However, it is important not to blame yourself when things go wrong as they inevitably will at times. Taking responsibility allows you to consider your choices which contributed to an undesired outcome allowing you to make course corrections. Blaming yourself, on the other hand, serves no purpose other than to make yourself feel bad and often discourages you from moving forward.

Don't take things personally. More specifically, don't be ruled by the judgement and opinions of others.

Be courageous. Self confident people act courageously in spite of fear, not in the absence of it. What you think about expands, so focus on being more courageous instead of being worrisome or fearful.

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