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We've created this About You page to encourage you share your own unique perspective with our readers. Our goal at is to be your most trusted resource for building self confidence and promoting personal development. We devote a lot of time to researching and presenting the most valuable information that we can share with you, our readers. We also realize that the best way to enhance what we do is to hear from you, so we've created ways for you to share your own knowledge, tips, and success stories.

You'll notice several pages on this site have invitations for you to make contributions to the information provided. Any time you make a submission your contribution will be created a your own personal web page on You can even add photos to help enhance your page and get more views. You'll also be able to share your page with your friends, family, and colleagues. Other readers can rate your page, share it, and/or write their own.

You can use these pages to write about your successes, ask for support or answers to probing questions, offer your own tips and solutions, or just provide commentary.

We see learning as an ongoing event, and your contributions can oftentimes offer an expanded view or alternative perspective. This is the deeper level of learning that we are striving for, and all of our readers can benefit from.

Below is an example of what an invitation looks like (it's also an active invitation, so you can try it out now). The next time you see one don't be shy; share your thoughts!

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This book is written by Robert Anthony. It helped me a lot in building my self-confidence. The salient points discussed in the book are tapping into creative …

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