Stages of Personal Development

Everyone has some ambition in life. Your ambition may be to become a successful financial planner, professional athlete, or a stay at home mom. To achieve our ambitions what we often need is personal development.

Life is not a bed of roses (achievements and happiness). Thorns (obstructions and difficulties) are also there. Your personal development plan helps you remove the thorns and make your life more like a bed of roses. Personal development helps you improve your thoughts, maintain balance, take action and connect to your feelings so that you actually achieve your goals. There are several stages of personal development. For personal growth you must work hard consistently. Your goals will likely take some time to attain, so your patience will be necessary at times.

The first stage is healing. You have to prepare yourself for your growth. When you want to sow a seed you will prepare the soil of your garden by putting manure and adding new soil, water and making it ideal. You have to get yourself ready for your future by healing your past wounds, traumas and letting go of your failures from the past. Healing can be done on your own, through counseling, or with the help of a close friend who can support you and your emotions.

The second stage is laying a strong foundation. Once you start healing from your past you can step forward in your growth. You can clarify your personal goals and set solid groundwork with a good support system, which is essential for flourishing your growth.

The third stage of personal development is gaining maturity. You often develop both mental and emotional maturity during your personal growth. During the process you’ll find yourself becoming more self-sufficient. Instead of feeling like a victim and blaming others for your challenges you’ll feel empowered to help yourself. You’ll also find yourself in a position to help others.

The fourth stage is expansion. In this stage you’ll develop new relationships, friendships and strengthen your networks.

Stage five is analyzing your strengths. Honoring your strengths and using them to improve your personal and professional life happens in this phase.

The sixth and last of the stages of personal development is fulfillment. In this stage you’ll begin to reap the fruit of your growth. Your improvement and enhancement continues in your subconscious mind and you’ll enjoy the realization in your daily life. Your personal development will start to feel natural and automatic. 

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