Self Confidence for Men Tips to Help Boost Your Self Image

Graham does an incredible job is explaining some important factorsthat can sabotage a man’s feelings of self worth, doesn't he? His step by step guide to increasing confidence has gotten rave reviews for good reason.

Here are a few more tips you might also like:

Get active. If you don’t already work out you’ve been missing out on a tremendous confidence booster. Regular exercise has been known to relieve stress and release positive endorphins which can actually make you feel better.

Socialize. Go ahead, get out there and meet people. Grab lunch date with a friend, or meet new people. Socializing with others will give you an opportunity to practice your communication and interpersonal skills and help you build new relationships. Sign up at sites like if you’re in the market for a new set of friends who share your interests.

Take more risks. Taking calculated risks is great way to boost self-confidence for men. Creating goals that include some level of risk helps you to feel more competent as you achieve your goals. Adding the risk factor, gives you an ego boost as you gain the feeling of self reliance by experiencing the completion of your goals and success.

Give Praise. As you a man, you like to feel appreciated, right? Receiving support and validation from other’s feels good just don’t become dependent on external feedback. Learn to give yourself praise.

Let go of the past. This is possibly the most integral step towards raising self confidence for men. Let go of the guilt and shame from your past especially when it comes to your relationships. Too many men hold onto negative thoughts about relationships that failed, and it holds them back from being present in their current relationships and fully experiencing them. Failure is a natural part of life. Accept this, and allow yourself to open up and trust yourself and others again.

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