My Tips on Boosting Your Self-Confidence

Self confidence has been important in my own life. Here are a few tips that helped me boost my confidence over the years:

1. Maintain a good posture. How a person carries herself tells a story. A slumped posture may give the impression that you're tired and not interested in the things going around you. I've read that an empowered and self-confident person will have a straight posture, with shoulders slightly out, and with the chin up.
2. Listen to motivational speakers and their personal testimonies about confidence. One of the best ways to build my confidence is to listen to other people's stories. It encourages me and gives me hope in building my own self-confidence too.
3. Dress well. The way you dress affects how you come off to others in public. If you aren't comfortable with what you wear, you may start feeling awkward or insecure.
4. Being optimistic allows you to focus on your strength and not your weaknesses. With positive thinking, you're not afraid to try new things. This boosts your self-confidence even more.
5. Speak up. Most people with low self-confidence don't speak up. Usually, the reason for this is that they are afraid of being embarrassed in front of people. You can actually break this fear by choosing to speak up! You can start doing small group discussions with your family and friends.

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